Important Factors and Challenges in Construction Industry

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Growth in the construction faced some real stumbling-blocks but now it’s accelerating with a perfect pace to meet the desired standards of success. Recovery process is considerably satisfactory but the construction industry may face some big challenges in 2016 and we would entail those with brief details about every challenge. It should be noted that infrastructure industry in almost worldwide remained very prosperous. This is not the time to relax and sit but to get up, face and overcome these expected future challenges.


The value of dollar in the market never remains same but it’s getting on changing either in positive or negative every coming day. This is one of the most important and foremost impetuses that will be the challenge for infrastructure industry. The contractors have to meet the detailed demands of the commission of the company so it becomes late for the contractor to get the engineering projects. The same situation at a time causes mess and cost of projects increases as time goes by.


The weather has some serious impacts on these projects. The severe weather conditions cause delay in execution of the project that lead to more delay and the financial problems also start rising with the weather delay reasons. If it’s a residential or commercial building, the weather would be affecting it because the workers don’t feel comfortable to work in acute weather conditions and ultimately the industry faces challenges on the name of negotiations.

Legal Issues

Every project has some legal formalities and the contracts are not issued until the legal procedures are completed. The contractors are put to wait on and the delay becomes predicament for the engineering industry. The panic situation not only causes problems for individuals but the whole engineering industry gets its effects as well.


When it comes to finding the reliable and best possible solution to overcome these obstacles-turned-challenges, a number of possible options are available. The companies may increase the level of visibility on every project, enhance the material utilization, efforts and back up the projects with various decision support systems. CIMS - Construction Information Management System is the Construction ERP Software that provides solutions for all types of industries like EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), based on the project nature. The integration of CIMS into assembly projects reduces the project cost by better monitoring and with real time data also it facilitates the infrastructure industry to a considerable extent. If the contractor incorporates CIMS ERP in his construction projects then profit, sustainability and more productivity becomes inevitable.

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