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Sit back and relax while your ERP monitors and executes your business!!!

Construction ERP, the magic word been thrown all over. Well, this surprised me a little when I heard about this. Can we really automate a massive construction business through an ERP? Is it humanly possible to implement an ERP for a complicated construction business operation?

CIMS ERP had solutions to these challenges! With my perspective of what operations in a construction business needs to be automated, I found solutions to almost every function within a construction business in CIMS. Exploring further to understand the business benefits of CIMS ERP, I happen to hit upon the rich facets of CIMS.

To stay competitive, construction companies need to constantly innovate, effectively collaborate, all with highly skilled and diverse workforce. Adding to the pressure is completing projects on time, on budget, and within the specified quality and safety standards. All the while, protecting the brand reputation. Every construction project needs to be mobilized to ensure they meet the expectations. Efficient coordination of the back office and on-site resources is highly challenging. Information and data should reach the entire workforce in the right format and the right time. Innovating with the latest trends and technologies in the industry is critical.

There might be varying views on the challenges posed to a construction business; nevertheless, CIMS possesses its own customizable features to help manage the complex business effectively and successfully. Now, let us have a look at the snapshot of the business benefits that a construction organization stands to gain.

  • Competitively bid and estimate with an insight into win/loss information.
  • Manage costs by closely tracking all components of projects, including labor, materials, equipment and other defined costs.
  • Dynamic Dashboard view of all project information ensuring correct pricing information for labor, materials and equipment.
  • Enables multi-currency depiction for all kinds of reports.
  • Complete visibility into scheduled jobs including employee and equipment utilization.
  • Effectively manage purchase costs and dates to ensure what you buy gets billed back to your customer and to maximize your purchasing power.
  • Enables reporting and analyzing for various needs with highly customizable reporting feature, facilitating portable reports to be exported in Excel and PDF forms.
  • Enables attachments of supporting documents for ensuring smooth flow of information in the required format.
  • Enables remote sites with no internet facility to periodically update data to the mail server.
  • Enables business on the move with mobile and tablet applications.
  • Enables instant messaging through SMS/E-mail.
  • Enables seamless integration with existing systems and project management tools such as MS project Integration, Tally integration and Primavera.
  • Facilitates drill-down to retrieve information quickly and organize the available information n the required format.
  • Facilitates elimination of repeated actions and reduction in manpower effort to easily process information such as payroll, information filtering, and group data processing.

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