What is the time limit that we should spend for the CIMS demo?
CIMS ERP is a user-friendly solution primarily developed for the construction industry under the support and guidance of our parent company with 60 years of construction experience; one should be able to have a fair understanding of our product in a day.
What exactly do you mean by readiness factor?
The readiness factor is the snag that occurs in understanding the blueprint, master data preparation, transaction data gathering, hardware & software and resource allocation.
What obstacles one might encounter during implementation?
The plausible obstacles include readiness of the client resource, their master and the transaction data. We possess appropriately trained professionals to handle the obstacles.
Do you have customizable dashboard reporting?
Yes, we are the pioneers in customizing dashboard reports. Our solution provides user specified live dashboard, to ease decision-making. Dashboard can also be viewed through our Mobile App.
What is the maximum user who can login to the system at a time, tested and the number of users who can withstand?
Currently, most of our enterprise clients provide login for 100+ users simultaneously. And technically our system can withstand unlimited users (based on the server capacity).
Currently, for whom are you implementing your ERP solution? List a few!
CIMS possesses a hoard of projects worldwide. Powertech (Oman), Best Power Constructions (Oman), 5M Construction (Qatar), Yaghmour Contracting (KSA), AASA (UAE), Gulf Asia (UAE), Expat Group (Bengaluru) and many others.
Do you have Cloud hosting technology?
Currently, our Web-based technology allows access from anywhere in the world depending on the availability of network connectivity by logging in from your mobiles, tablets and computers. We are in the process of adopting the cloud hosting technology completely.