Business Development


Business development is key to every business; managing all business processes is critical. This module has been developed under this concept. You can deal with all your business enquiries, pre-qualification process cycle, tender receipts, site investigations, rate enquiries, tender workings, submission, and negotiations at ease. It also facilitates historical tender analysis to sharpen pricing and margin calculation ensuring strategic negotiation.

Processes at a glance:
  • Starts with tender notification/referral enquiry and continues until publishing tender results
  • Earnest Money Deposit Collections - Payment requests for EMD and reminders for failed tenders
  • Direct RFQ & comparative statements for vendors rate enquiry
  • Use of workings from previous tenders and project execution for rate analysis
  • Fetching rates from procurement history, previous tenders and project actual
  • Change request management for modifications and additions
  • Enquiry Tracker
  • Lost Bid History
  • Activity Cost Analysis
  • Pre-Bid Queries
  • Billing Schedule

Flow Diagram

Sample reports


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