Execution & Monitoring


Execution is the critical step of any business activity and monitoring the execution as per defined plans becomes more critical for any kind of project. Project Execution module is a powerful project management tool to monitor and manage projects, integrate various capabilities and features such as deviation alerts and analysis, project evaluation, design-to-cost engineering to optimize construction costs; quality management - plan, collect, settle. The solution includes features that provide data to determine standard or user-defined quality scores.

Processes at a glance:
  • Change requests management
  • Labor/sub-contractor attendance handling
  • Daily/periodic progress update and variance analysis
  • Client bill management (Measurements, RA bills & certification of bills)
  • Sub-contractor management (Enquiries, work orders, and bills)
  • Job Cost Reports
  • Activity Cost Reports (actual)
  • Budget Comparison (Project-specific monthly reports)
  • RA bills vs. Sub-contractor Comparison
  • Material Reconciliation

Flow Diagram

Sample reports


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