Procurement & Inventory


Managing materials or resources is complex for any business and needs an effective tool to be controlled and monitored. This module involves the entire purchase and stores functions of an enterprise. Tightly integrated with modules/sub-modules such as Payables and Payments and tax-related legal compliances, this module enables purchase and store managers to plan and monitor: relations with vendors, stock levels, purchase analysis, optimization of supply chain activities and costs in real-time.

Processes at a glance:
  • Procurement operations ( Control & escalation ) based on project plan
  • Additional approvals for project plan overrides
  • Purchase centre management for multiple projects
  • Trip sheet bookings for aggregates
  • Project plan controlled issues management
  • Debit accounting for pieceworkers & sub-contractors
  • Site-specific stock management
  • Requisition Tracking
  • Comparative Statement
  • Material Reconciliation
  • Vendor Rating
  • Material Trend Analysis

Flow Diagram

Sample reports


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